An Exclusive Interview with Acclaimed Interior Designer, Barclay Butera
Designers / 27 Oct 2014

INSIGNIA proudly partners with internationally renowned lifestyle designer of grand luxury spaces and spectacular home furnishings, Barclay Butera. Barclay gives us exclusive insight into his design inspirations.

Q: Tell us about your beginnings as a designer and your journey to where you are today.
A: Well, I am thrilled to say this is our 20-year anniversary in business, so it has been quite a journey! My partner Ray and I hit the ground running in the beginning with a few projects handling everything ourselves. We now have an incredible support staff and 17 very talented designers to bring to fruition my vision for clients around the globe. One of the things we have always done is stay true to our vision of what we consider to be glamorous yet comfortable design, which has served us very well.

Q: Describe where you find your greatest source of inspiration?
A: Honestly, my world travels have had an incredible influence on me. I can be at a flea market in Paris, fashion show in Milan, or some far-flung destination in Asia. Each time I get home, I am excited to interpret all the phenomenal things I have seen and experienced while I have been away.

Q: Your portfolio is incredibly diverse. What type of project do you get most excited about?
A: When a client comes to me with something a little unusual, it is very thrilling, I love to push the boundaries of design. I get involved at every stage of the process and enjoy the collaboration whether it’s a large space or a charming bungalow. These projects breathe life and beauty into a home with a story.

Q: You partner with INSIGNIA’s The Ambassador Gardens creating glamorous yet livable environments for the homeowners there. How does the historic garden setting influence the design direction?
A: All gardens are amazing and organic; no matter how much planning goes into them, they always take on a life of their own. The formal Ambassador Gardens are reminiscent of incredible creations in Versailles or Rome. I think of the contrast of structural tall trees like soldiers watching the property in contrast to the flowing floral branches made me want everything to have a bit of symmetry and order but still keep it light and airy and refreshing.